Safe Place Statute and Work Product Protection in Wisconsin Webinar

December 9, 2021

Join attorneys Greg Duncan, Allison Krueger, Ken Kucinski, and Steve Warner as they discuss hot topics in Wisconsin law. 

Allison and Ken will discuss attorney client privilege and work product protection. Most states recognize that work product protection extends to materials prepared by any party in anticipation of litigation, including insurance adjusters. They will outline how the work-product doctrine is applied in Wisconsin and further explain how the privilege may be waived. Join to hear tips on how to anticipate what is considered a privileged document during discovery.  

Greg and Steve will discuss numerous issues that arise in Wisconsin Safe Place Statute cases, including: 

  • The nature of the heightened duty and impact on common law defenses;
  • What is and is not a place of employment; 
  • Statute of repose; 
  • Structural components and maintenance; 
  • Subsequent remedial measures; 
  • Actual and constructive notice. 

The discussion will also include practical advice for investigating premises liability/Safe Place cases, how to determine what is and is not included in the scope of the Safe Place Statute, advising insureds on remedial measures, how to determine if a dispositive motion exists, and evidence preservation.

Monday, December 13, 2021
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.