Attorney Spotlight: Jeff Markowitz

March 11, 2024

It is our firm's 50th anniversary year and we are highlighting attorneys that play an important role in our firm's success. Today, we introduce you to Jeff Markowitz. 

Can you provide a brief overview of your legal background and areas of expertise?
I am an experienced appellate lawyer. I clerked for more than two years at the Minnesota Court of Appeals. I have worked on nearly 50 appeals. I enjoy partnering with trial lawyers when matters go on appeal.

What is one thing you wished more people knew about your practice?
Appellate lawyers can make great co-counsel at trials. While the trial lawyers keep their eyes focused on winning the trial, appellate counsel can focus on setting the case up to win on appeal. I do this work—and enjoy it!

What are some of your favorite cases to work on?
Minnesota Supreme Court appeals. I have represented numerous parties and amici curiae in such appeals.

How do you approach appeals?
I give clients honest assessments on which arguments to press on appeal and which ones to drop. For the ones we pursue, I dig down deep into the law and the record, and I argue these issues with relentless creativity. I strive to think like the appellate judges think. After all, the arguments we make must be arguments with which these judges should agree!

Are there specific habits or practices that contribute to your overall well-being?
Cardio exercise, strength training, quality time with my wife, and knowing when to say no!

Favorite Foods:
Thai food and sushi

Favorite Lawyer Show:
The Grinder

Favorite Non-Lawyer Show:
How I Met Your Mother