Get to Know New Attorney Nick Rapisarda

May 7, 2024

We are excited to welcome attorney Nicholas Rapisarda to our team. Nick's practice will focus in Automobile Law, Commercial Transportation Law, and General Liability. Welcome, Nick!

Why did you decide to practice law?
I decided I wanted a career that was both challenging and impactful. There is great opportunity to make an impact on people’s lives during the vulnerable times in their lives. I also wanted a career path that was versatile with opportunity to learn and grow in a variety of areas. 

What are you excited for in your role at ACKSP?
I am excited about the culture here in which I can grow into an impactful attorney. The atmosphere and comradery has made it easier to transition into a role as a new attorney. I am excited also to try different practice areas and establish myself in a few of these as an expert. I am also excited to learn how to litigate. 

What is an interesting fact about you? 
I was a late bloomer and grew almost 3 inches in college.