Insurance Coverage Practice Group Spotlight

February 1, 2024

Our 50th anniversary takes place this year so it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate how each practice plays an important role in our firm's  success. This month, we are excited to highlight our Insurance Coverage Group. 

Read more below from our Insurance Coverage Group Chairs, Steve Warner and Beth Jenson Prouty. 

Tell me about the Insurance Coverage Group
Many people hear the word “insurance” and their eyes might glaze over. Yet, insurance policies and their terms drive much of the litigation process. Insurance coverage law is a specialized area; not every person can spend hours struggling over what is meant by the placement of a comma, or by the word “or” in a phrase. But those of us in the Insurance Coverage Group at Arthur Chapman enjoy this type of mental exercise. 

Provide a brief overview of the group and the type of work it does. 
We represent insurance companies, self-insureds, and policyholders at the local and national levels and have attorneys licensed in Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, Michigan, and Colorado. The nature of coverage work gives us the opportunity to work closely with our clients, and we value the relationships that it has allowed us to build. 

Much of our work involves providing coverage analysis across a broad range of coverage forms: CGL, Personal and Commercial Auto, E&O, Homeowners, Inland Marine, Professional Liability, Property & Casualty, and Specialty in addition to OCIP, CCIP, Wrap-UP, Builders Risk, EPL, D&O, Excess and Umbrella. We also regularly litigate insurance coverage questions in state and federal courts, and on appeal. We are available to assist with risk tender analysis and give advice on settlement strategies.  

We also have involvement in COVID-related insurance coverage litigation. 

What is one thing people might now know about your practice group? 
Fraud and fraudulent claims are also all to prevalent when handling insurance coverage claims. The insurance coverage attorneys at Arthur Chapman are well versed in handling and defending insurance companies pertaining to staged and intentional motor vehicle accidents, false medical and No-Fault related claims, as well as arson and other suspicious activity pertaining to a property loss. Contact us to further discuss how an examination under oath, further investigation or a Minnesota No-Fault expert may help assist you.

Are there any recent trends you are seeing in coverage? 
Over the past few years, we have seen a significant increase in first-party property claims and litigation over these disputes. Our coverage attorneys have experience walking a claim through the appraisal process and also litigating these issues.